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Since 1985, NIBSBURNER has manufactured a WORLD CLASS line of electronic woodburning systems. The 21st century combines pyrography and woodburning. Our NIBSBURNER Systems are high quality pyrography art instruments that delight the professional as well as novice carver/burner.


NIBSBURNER makes woodburning and pyrography available to everyone! With our state-of-the-art, complete systems, our First Step is a great starter system. We feature burners for the hobbyist to the professional.


Solid state circuitry.

* Over-sized conductors to minimize tip cooling when burning long lines.

* RCA jack connector has more actual surface contact for a solid connection.

* Vented hand-piece allows internal air flow for a comfortable, cooler hand-piece.

* Custom designed tips for all applications.

* Tips are interchangeable or can be permanently fixed in a handpiece.

* Easy-to-read adjustable heat dials provide accurate burning temperatures.

* On/Off switch with indicator light.


We guarantee all burners for two years from the date of purchase. Handpieces and tips are guaranteed for 90 days from the date of purchase with normal use. Returns must comply with this policy.


In 1983, a frustrated wood carver named Nibs sat in his studio wishing woodburners would effectively control the burn temperatures. He appreciated the effects woodburning added to his bird carvings, Inspired with the possibilities of controlled temperature woodburning, Nibs decided to build his own woodburner. A retired electrician, he combined his knowledge of electricity and love of carving to produce an effective woodburner. Nibs perfected the woodburning unit in 1984 and named it after himself, --The Nibsburner--.

I joined Nibs in the fall of 1988. My name is Alice Bongirno. During 16 years with Nibs, I experienced all areas of NIBSBURNER. In May of 2004, I purchased NIBSBURNER due to Nibs health and age.

NIBSBURNER continues its commitment to quality products and customer service. Improvements and new products will enhance the NIBSBURNER product line. We look forward to providing you, the customer with world class woodburning and pyrography systems.

Manufactured in the United States of America

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