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Our standard cord is 16-gauge and is manufactured to our specification for the best desireable woodburning done between 2 and 6 on the heat control dial.

Our light duty cord is for burning at lower settings on the heat control dial.

Our heavy duty cord is 14-gauge. If you are a carver who burns deep, a pyrographer needing more heat for your gourd art, or a woodburner wanting that deep, dark burn, then the heavy duty cord is for you.


Standard Cord


Light Duty Cord


Heavy Duty Cord


Adaptor Cords

You can use Nibsburner Handpieces and tips even if you have a different basic unit. We provide the adaptor cords for Colwood, Detailmaster, and Razertip Units.


Cord With Lugs

(Converts Colwood)


Cord With Jack

(Converts Detailmaster)


Cord In-Line

(Converts Detailmaster Handpiece to Nibsburner)


Cord With Male Ends

(Converts Razertip)


Manufactured in the United States of America

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