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Nibsburner's THE GOURD UNIT was designed by pyrographers and woodburners with your pyrographic needs in mind. If you are a gourd artist burning fine details, broadstrokes or texturing, this is the pyrography system for you. The Gourd Unit delivers plenty of power at 58 watts, rapid heat recovery, no fluctuation, and heat continuity at the woodburning tip, delivering a solid color burn line with consistent color.

Nibsburner's Gourd Unit pyrography system supplies the tool to help you become a great pyrographer. Excellent for gourds, leather and all types of wood craft including carvings, canes, and plaques.

FEATURES: * Greater Power With Solid State Circuitry * 58 Watts Of Power * Easy To Read Heat Selector * ON/OFF Switch And Dial Are Together * Additional Fixed Tip Or Replaceable Handpieces Available *


- 1 Gourd Woodburner Unit

- 1 Vented Woodburning FIXED TIP Handpiece With 1 Spoon Shading (SP1) Tip

- 1 Vented Woodburning FIXED TIP Handpiece With 1 Small Knife (KN3) Tip

- 1 Standard Cord

- 2 Woodburning Handpiece Holders

Manufactured in the United States of America

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