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Nibsburner offers over 30 inter-changeable tips that are individually hand made for an excellent and exact burning effect. Each tip is made to precision for highest burning satisfaction and to ensure consistency. Nibsburner offers both interchangeable and permanently fixed tip handpieces, with and without cord.

Nibsburner's interchangeable tip lines includes: awls, calligraphy tips, chisel tips, fish tips, knife tips, multi-purpose tips, round tips, shader tips, spade tips, spear tips, spoon tips, writing tips, and other specialty tips.

Many of the books offered on our book page show examples of the best tip for any wood, leather, or gourd project.

Visit the systems page for a ready to go kit complete with burner, handpiece, cord and tip(s) to start burning immediately.

Nibsburner offers burning systems and a variety of tips to accommodate all your burning imagination.

Thank you for your business and supporting an American made product by an American made company.